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5 Foods You Need To Avoid To Lose Weight

There are many foods to avoid to lose weight. This video will show you the worst offenders. We need not starve for losing our weight. In fact, the best way to shake off excess weight is through a good combination of healthy eating habits and regular exercise. 

21 Ways to Nourish Your Body and Elevate Your Mind (Infographic)

6 Caffeine Myths That Need to Disappear Right Now

We all know someone who loves the magic of caffeine—you might even be that person. True devotees love the soothing buzz that comes with savoring a piping hot latte, or the boost of energy black tea can give you. Unfortunately, caffeine tends to have a bad reputation, so we think of it as an indulgence.
As with anything in life, caffeine should be used in moderation, and it isn't right for everyone. But many people will be shocked to find out that their commonly held beliefs are actually untrue. Here are a few of the many caffeine misconceptions that exist and the real story behind the fallacies:
1. Caffeine is highly addictive.
Your well-worn Starbucks Gold Card may suggest otherwise, but coffee and other caffeinated drinks aren’t addictive. Aside from the temporary headaches and irritability of abrupt caffeine withdrawal, the effects are mild compared to alcohol and drug dependency, and they last only about a day or two. And while there are plenty of people who get grouchy without t…

Life Is Too Short For Bad Food

The Greatest Wealth is Health